Amiiqo USB Adapter N2 Elite NFC reader


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Amiiqo USB Adapter N2 Elite (USB cable + NFC reader), for more quantity, please contact me

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This product replace the android NFC smartphone to read amiiqo data. Amiiqo supporting all existing Amiibo figures and works well on WII U and NEW 3DS/3DSXL, 2DS, Nintendo Switch.  It has the capacity to store up to 200 of them.

Amiiqo with NFC reader
1. Download N2 Manager Application and software from N2elite official site
2. Extract the software, then according to your windows drive version to install
3. Use USB cable to connect NFC reader with PC, and put Amiiqo on it, then open N2 Elite Manager
4. Click "connect" button, the first option 'Scan for tags' means load all of the Amiiqo dates.
 "Set Bankcount" is to set the numbers of Amiiqo charaters
"Lock", lock Amiiqo datebase. It can be operate after lock.

Note: Download the character from Internet, and save on your computer. Please make sure all the folder and the files are named with English, don't use any other languages.

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