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Why buy R4i Gold 3DS updater ?

The R4i Gold 3DS Updater is enable you to update your R4i Gold 3DS card on a PC directly(no need a NDS console anymore)! with this device, you can also backup your 3DS saver, which can be read, saved smoothly as a file on your computer, and write it back to your 3DS card as well.

Official Features

Update R4i Gold 3ds card directly on a PC without a NDS console.
Backup 3DS Saver as a file on PC, which can be wirtten back to 3DS card later.


Function Description
SETUP When inserted into PC, R4i Gold Updater will be emulated as a mass storage device just as below and no drives are needed. Therefore it can be used on almost on all kinds of OS.
r4igold 3ds updater setup
R4iGold Update It can be used to update R4i gold 3DS released by If you have updated your 3DS/NDSi and you r4i gold 3DS is blocked, you can update it with this device to support the latest system.
r4igold 3ds updater setup
3DS Saver Backup You can backup your 3DS saver with this device. The 3DS saver can be read and saved as file on your computer. You can also use this device to write a saver file into your 3DS card too.
r4igold 3ds updater for 3DS Saver Backup


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