ACE3DS X Support DS games and 3DS games(with B9S NTRboot)

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Why buy Ace3DS X Card ?

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2.Ace3DS X flashcart can support 3ds/2ds V11.9.0-42 and DSi v1.45 directly.
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4.It can work well on 3DSXL/3DS/NDS/NDSXL/DSi/DSixl


Official Features

  • Work perfecrly on 3DS V11.9.0-42 and DSi V1.45
  • Supoport CIA games
  • Supoport DS games
  • Support FAT32 microSD card up to 32GB

Ace3DS X use method

In DS mode, the using method is same as Ace3DS Plus.

In 3DS mode, the using method is a little different from other flashcards. You need to insert one FAT32 microSD card to your flashcard. The other steps are the same as other flashcards. Follow the Installing boot9strap (ntrboot) instruction in

Change the step 3 as: Insert one FAT32 microSD card(maximum capacity is 32GB) to your flashcard, then insert your flashcard into your device

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Package Content

 1 x Ace3DS X
1 x USB card reader
1 x Magnet



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