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Why most people will chose ControllerMAX ?

The Modder CronusMax team develop this item succefully, it can not only support mouse and keyboard, but also support use PS4/PS3/Xbox one/Xbox 360 controller to play games on any device. If you think use a ps3 controller not so convenience to play games, then change to use mose and keyboard!

The players can use all mod patches, you even can use it on your modding controller. you can use Wiimote态Wii U Pro etc, and CronusMax add all scripts and macro capabilities.

Bright features:

Cross-over Gaming

The ControllerMAX is the next generation in controller adapters. Based on the first ever cross-compatibility gaming add-on ever created for video game industry. Simply put, it allows you to use your favorite gaming controller on virtually any console you want. Love your PlayStation 4 controller but have to use Xbox One at your buddy’s house? or how about you want to use your PS3 Six-Axis Controller on your Windows PC? Not a problem. Just plug in the ControllerMAX, sync your controller, and you are ready to go. Easy setup. No hassle. Just play!

Precision Mouse & Keyboard Control

There are many “mouse and keyboard” console adapters on the market today, so, what makes CrontrollerMAX so different? The answer is simple: precision. Making a high precision device (like a mouse) work well in a game that was designed for controller thumbsticks is a very hard problem. All console shooters have different levels of “aim-assist” that makes them playable using a controller. If done incorrectly, adapting a mouse to these games will result in aiming that feels jerky, unresponsive, and detached. CrontrollerMAX takes this mouse tracking information to the next level using it’s unique “MAXaim” technology.

Fully Modded Controller

No Soldering/Wires/Chips! The ControllerMAX really is the ultimate solution to all of your controller modding needs. It allows you to implement powerful mod capabilities to your controller WITHOUT the need to add additional chips or wires to the hardware. This means it will work with your controller RIGHT NOW giving you a fully modded controller with no installation necessary. There is absolutely no need to make changes or modifications to your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 controller – this has never been done before This innovative new technology isn’t available anywhere else on the market. With a full selection of mods at your fingertips, ControllerMAX is perfect for the gamer looking to add an extra edge to their game.

Macro Programming

What is a macro? A macro is a sequence of button presses, d-pad movements, and joystick movements. Create any move or combo you can imagine for your Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 or PS3 controller using the ControllerMAX Macro editing software.

What game is the Macro Controller compatible with? This controller is compatible with every game ever made, thanks to our the state of the art technology in ControllerMAX. A Macro can do ANY glitch, move, or combination available on any controller anywhere.

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