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Why most people will choose PS3 usercheat ?

1. It is an another revolutionary product from PS3BREAK TEAM, used WORLD NEW TECHNOLOGY.
2. The world's first dongle that supports PS3 game roms and PS3 AR cheat perfectly.
3. Don't need to buy the expensive genuine blu-ray game CD, just need to have some free game roms.

Latest news about PS3 usercheat

PS3 user cheat is working great on kmeaw CFW V3.55 now!

Pictures of ps3 usercheat

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How to use CODE UNIQUE(CU)

Step 1: Plug the cheat dongle in the usb port of your ps3 and turn on your ps3. beneath Game Menu, you will find the folder that named "CU", choose it and press "O" to execute it.
Note: If there is a micro sd card in the solt of your dongle, it must be removed and restart your ps3 before the cheat dongle can work normally.

Step 2: All ps3 games that stored in the external and internal hard drive will be displayed as a game list. In the meantime, code unique will detected all the games automatically and confirm which games match with the bulit-in code library. If matching successfully, you will find a key icon display at the end of the game name, if no matching, you will longer see it.

Step 3: Press "O" to enter, a list of the cheat options appears. You can choose one or more options, it's up to you. Then press "start" to run the games.(before starting, a few of games maybe need a leading disc into the drive of the ps3).


Q: It support upgrades´╝č
A: 100% Upgradeable´╝îCompatible with all PS3 models – Fat and Slim.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: PS3break is sold with half a year warranty. we will take care of warranty issues.

Q: How to get started in GAME section?
A: Without a leading disc, just Using self-developed, built-in, all-in-one Apps - CODE UNIQUE

Q: If PS3 system is under 3.55, What should I do?
A: Very easy. step 1: Update your PS3 to the original PS3 firmware 3.55(regardless of what CFW your currently are). step 2: Download the required files for Kmeaw 3.55 rewrite the original PS3 firmware 3.55.

Q: Are there any special provisions using it with PS3 Fat and Slim?
A:Without any provisions, exactly the same.

Q: After i plug the dongle in the computer, it prompts me that found a new device, what should I do?
A: you must insert a TF card to the dongle, and then the computer can identify U disk of the dongle. If insert into a PS3, the TF must be pulled out, otherwise the PS3 can not recognize it.

Q: After startup, the PS3 prompts me that found "an unknown device", why?
A: This is normal.

Bright features

* A unique global cheat dongle for 3.55 cfw.
* Infinite health, infinite ammo, invincibility.
* Powerful multi-level coding, unique code.
* Support psn games cheat.
* Support game rom without the genuine blu-ray game CD.
* Support AR cheat function, perfect effects include "infinite energy,never game over"
* 100% upgradeable, Compatible with all PS3 models – Fat and Slim.
* Onboard SLC NANDFLASH Memory of 128MB.
* High speed 32 bit CPU processor clocked at 500MHz
* Fully updatable via USB on your Windows PC using a very simple and intuitive process.
* A microSDHC slot is inbuilt which supports up to 32GB for future expansion.
* Regularly updated to provide our users with the latest features at no extra cost.
* Easy to install and use!
* Avaialble for playing games from external or internal HDD or any other backups.


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