Wireless iMirrorplay Video Transmit for Apple


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Why most people will choose Wireless iMirrorplay Video Transmit ?

1.It Works with iPhone 3G/3GS / 4G / iPad1&2 / iPod Touch 3,4 / iPod Nano iPod Touch 3,4 / iPod Nano.
2.Offer a good Playstation as PSP/Xbox With this perfect wifi iMirrorplay.
3.It helps to to show your good idea or the important information to the HD Equipment(HDTV, Projector, LED Screen) freely.
4.It Supports almost full range of Apple'ssupported video and audio playback devices.
5.It Support all ios OS.
6.It is a good charge dock for iphone.
7.Players can enjoy the larger screen to bring exciting, to transform your iPad touch or iPhone to remote control.
8.Real-time watch, heart-on-demand, easy to enjoy thevariety of network video sitting on the couch.


1. Four-channel signal selection, MINI-USB charging port. 
2. Receiver: Aslo as an iphone cradle charger, dock charger
3. High grade Craft Streamline design,Easy Portable
4. One-key-controlling function buttons (channel switching and signal conversion)
5. 5hrs+Plus,Over 5hrs play time, Perfect Wireless Technology, No Wi-Fi need, Real-time transmitter
6. iMirrorPlay Works with iPhone 3G/3GS / 4G / iPad1&2 / iPod Touch 3,4 / iPod Nano, Also Maybe the coming iPhone5.
7. 330 meters long, 10m high controlled, high-quality audio and video transmission, Real-time transmission without delay.
8. With iMirrorPlay, Easy to share your iPhone/iPad/iPod's music, video, movie, photos, games or any other contents with your family on big TV.
9. Built-in 500mAh Li battery supports 5 hours of playback time, and with intelligent power function: When the built-in battery power off or low power, the transmitter automatically get power through your iPhone [iPad / iPod] to support you to play longer. 

Specification of sender  and Receiver:

Smart sender
Battry:500mah+smart charging
Connectors:Apple 30 pin dock connector,Mini-usb port   
Singal Channe:Four   
Video Format:NTSC/ PAL   
Operating Frequency:2.4Ghz   
Operatiing Temperature:0~50 °C  

Battery:500mAh+Smart charging   
Connectors:Apple 30 pin dock connector,Mini-usb port,USB2.0,AV OUT ,DC-in   
Singal Channel:Four   
Video Format:NTSC/ PAL   
Operating Frequency:2.4Ghz   
Operatiing Temperature:0~50 °C   
Power supply:220V~50Hz,    

Package include:
1 x smart sender
1 x receiver


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