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Another card named Ace3DS PLUS is released by Ace3ds Team. This card use wood kernel, support 3DS v4.3.0-10 perfectly. Hide the card into card reader, safer and cheaper.

We strong recommend customers choose Ace3DS PLUS instead of the original Ace3DS. You won't regret your choice !


Why buy from us?

1. We are the official wholesale distributor of Ace3ds, so we can offer you the lowest price and best products for wholesale business.
2. If you order over 100 pcs or accumulated total up to 100 pcs, we can help you to add your on-line shop on the ace3ds official reseller list which will help you to expand your website.
3. Your products will be sent immediately as soon as we received your payment.

Why most people will choose Ace3ds card?

1. The most value and the cheapest 3DS card in the world
2. Update quickly and operate easily
3. Compatible with all Nintendo DS/3DS consoles

Latest news about Ace3ds

1. Supports the newest Nintendo 3DS firmware V4.1.0-8 (J,E,U) perfectly
2. Supports the newest Nintendo DSi firmware V1.4.4 (J,E,U) perfectly
3. Ace3ds new firmware v1.22 released

Bright features

Supports the newest Nintendo 3DS firmware V4.1.0-8 (J,E,U) for all regions.
Supports the newest Nintendo DSi firmware V1.4.4 (J,E,U) for all regions.
Adopts latest modchip to lengthen standby time.
Utilizes Moonshell 2.10 beta software.
Supports internet browsing, e-mail and e-books.
Firmware allows the booting of slot-2 on DS and DSi consoles for GBA functionality.

pictures of ace3ds card

Ace3ds02 Ace3ds01  Ace3ds05 Ace3ds04

How to update your ace3ds card to support Nintendo 3ds v4.1.0-8 and dsi v1.44

Things required: DSL console, ace3ds card, sd card,card reader
1.Download the newest update patch and unzip it. you can Download here.
2.Put the latest kernel into the root of sd card. You can download here(English kernel).
3.unzip the two firmware and put all the files on the root of the sd card.
4.Put the sd into Ace3ds, put Ace3ds into the DSL Power on.

5.Click the game button, you will show "3ds4.0.0.7nds ", click it and then press A to start update, just waiting when it shows "EraceinProgress..." it will update by itself. Do not do any operate when it is updating. Make sure the power is full and not power off during the updating.If yourconsole power off in a sudden, your card will be damaged.
When update becomes 100%, reboot the console.
Then the icon will change. And the card can support 3ds v4.1.0-8 and dsi v1.44 perfectly!

Ace3ds card FAQ

Q: When I start it all I get is white screens and nothing happens. What’s wrong?
A: You have downloaded the wrong kernel, or you just copied the zip folder onto your SD card. This is wrong. You need to open the zip folder and then copy all the files on to your Micro SD card.

Q: When i insert my ace3ds card in to my 3ds/dsi console, it shows error, power down, what is the problem ?
A: Show this knid of error means you have to update your ace3ds card to support you 3ds/dsi console.

Q: I copied the latest system software to ace3ds card. I have the following problem: The main menu screen is always black. Why is this happening?
A: This could be due to a small number of reasons. #1: You have downloaded the wrong firmware file so please download the right firmware from our website, and unzip the files to your micro SD card. Or possibly, #2: you need to format your SD card. Please note that Microsoft Windows doesn’t format micro SD media well so download the Panasonic SD formatter v3.0 and use it to format your micro SD card.

Q: Can I run Game Boy Advance games with the Ace3ds flash card?
A: Yes, you can use the Ace3ds card to play GBA games. Please download the newest Ace3ds firmware and GBA Exploader homebrew program. For datails, please check the ace3ds official site:

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1 x Original Ace3ds card
1 x MicroSD card USB reader

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