PC USB 13 LED Light


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Why most people will choose PC USB 13 LED Light ?

1. Connect the usb directly, no need battery.
2. Both PC and laptop can be used
3. Light it in the night will not bother other people's sleep.
4. Use on the lap, the light is soft and no hurt to the eye.
5. The poles of metal can buckling to any angle, very convenience.

Bright features

1. 13 LED high light bulb, give you full brightness.
2. long-lived LED. the service life can last 100000 hours.
3. Soft metal bellows All-round turn, free bend, any angle, no need clip or other tools.
4. The size is small and light, Portable and convenient.
5. No need other external power supply, just insert into the USB, can powered by USB.
6. Save electricity, environmental protection.


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