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2016 R4isdhc Dual-Core has been completely updated with more functions and mature technology, it combined with core technology of R4, M3 and DS TWO. RTS (real time save) function is added. High-density chip was used to enable the games run more faster and last longer. The chip has better appearance and better Micro SD compatibility. The plastic case structure is more precise.

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Bright features

* Double Game Engines,Main game engine and assistant game engine help one another for improving the game compatibility
* Real Time Save (allows NDS users to save the current game scene and resume the same spot previously stopped)
* Real Time Strategy (supports playing game and reading strategy simultaneously; free switch between game and strategy and instant replacement of skin and language)
* Full-featured upgrade cheat function (use .dat cheat format, user can download easily)
* Convenient file-operate function (delete your dislike game files and game save file can be backed up online)
* WiFi upgrade (able to update the game kernel by WiFi network)
* Easy user friendly menu interface (icons of game, music (movie), internet, WiFi-upgrade display on the main menu make the operation very convenient)

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