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Long wait is over, the real 3ds flashcart is coming out! The Gateway 3DS, play all the 3ds roms on 3DS/XL, cant believe that it really break out, and i think you are excited as us! Game4Deal, as one of the biggest flashcart distributor, update this amazing item at first time! Let's moving go the party!

The only flash card for 3DS!

Play backup 3DS ROMS with GATEWAY 3DS


  • Supports all 3DS ROMs to date
  • Works on 3DS & 3DS XL consoles



GW3DS Nand Emulation:

After a lot of brainstorming sessions we decided it was time to realise one of the revolutionary ideas that we have in store for you! We have been working very hard to bring you our 3DS console NAND emulation solution that will allow you to run up-to-date firmware, without the need for spoofing!

To accomplish this feature a part of the 3DS SD card is used as a fully mirrored NAND image while still being able to use the SD card like normal.

The first step is BACKING UP YOUR NAND! Second, run our SD formatter from within the GW GUI to format the SD card with a unique copy of your console's NAND. On the next Gateway boot, the console will automatically relaunch from the NAND image on SD, which means you can safely update to the latest firmware! Say hello to e-shop [;-)]

Ohh and MH4 is finally working [;-)] XY is officially WIP. Porting our patches from 4.5 to 6.3 is time-consuming and tedious so please bare with us for a little while longer, testing and safety is paramount for such a release. As always, we know you will ENJOY !!


- Is it one microSD per game?

Currently yes.

- Must the microSD card size match the game size?

No, so long as the microSD card is larger than the rom size.

- Can it play games from other regions?

Currently no, however due to popular demand, we have launched an investigation into this possibility.

- Can it play Homebrew?


- Are saved games working? Once you take out the game is the save file kept or lost?

We are currently working to fully support back up and restore of save data.

- Can Nintendo block Gateway with an update?

Anything is possible we would rather not speculate (As always, any system updates should be avoided)

- How big are the games and what is the minimum size for the microSD card?

Some range from 256MB to 4GB

- Can you play multiplayer local and mostly online?

Yes, but we advise not to use online features

- Do the game keep internet capacity?

Yes, but we advise not to use online features

- Is it upgradable?

Yes some aspects of the design will be upgradable.

- Can it run normal DS roms?

No, there are many alternative options for this.

- Can the blue card run DS home brew ?

YES :- The bundled blue ds card, is in essence a standard DS cart capable of both DS backups and home brew for DS mode, tested to work on 6.1

- Is the blue card required for every power cycle ?

No :- Our custom Gateway Installer DS app is only required to be run once to setup and thereafter any time the console is used in DS mode.

- Does Gateway support all games:

No :- Animal Crossing uses unique NAND based save hardware in the cart, support will be added through a GW firmware update. Mario (released last week) is forcing 5.1 update. We have prioritised work on supporting all such future releases. Stay tuned.


Gateway 3DS is the world's first 3DS flash card!

The GATEWAY 3DS TEAM proudly presents the first ever video proof that many thought impossible. Below we show an unedited video of the device booting 3 different backed up 3DS ROMS consecutively which are loaded on the GATEWAY 3DS device via microSD cards. We hope you are as excited as we are!


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